Friday, July 11, 2008

The collections Ancestrali Africani was inspired by the African shield and it started as a commission piece. After discovering the many meaning of the shield I have decide to create a collection researching the design showed on these 4 pieces.
The technique used involves glass painted. The bold design its black-grisaille fired at 1250 F. on ¼-inch glass. The yellow color its silver-stain fired at1050 F. The centers are hand blown glass, copper, sterling silver, gold and brass and spins on there vertical axis
Over all dimension 5’x 30”x 20”

Monday, May 5, 2008


These series of magnificent stained glass windows belongs to the Church of S. Maria Assunta Arco di Trento Italy.
Built in the early 1800 by one of the most prominent glass factory the Tiroler Glasmalerei Innsbruck Austria Composed by 8 lateral large arc windows. Measuring each: 9’ x 6’ with an addition of eight upper oval windows.
Located above the main entrance there is the windows of S. Cecilia, a 19 ‘x 11’work of art. Above the main alter there is the Virgin Maria Coronation‘s window, measuring 30’x 12’.In order, to properly restore the windows, each component of the windows where removed from there originally location, and restored in loco.




Sunday, May 4, 2008


DOMUS DE JANAS translates to fairy’s houses. The
inspiration for this series came from these ancient-architectural
fairy-house ruins of my homeland, Sardinia Italy.
The design revisits the original entrances of these houses.
The horns symbolize Minotaur and the expanded
influence of the Mycenae Culture on the Mediterranean
region. The glass, poured directly onto the metal frame,
is annealed over a five-day period. The top pieces are
constructed from embossed copper, sterling silver and
brass. The center is hand-blown glass and spins on the
vertical axis. Each piece is mounted on a metal-wooden

Friday, January 11, 2008

Rondelle Collection

These are a series of Hand blown rondelle, which I have incorporated, silver ,copper brass,gold,antimonium,on a metal support .
DIM: 22"x 37"circa


L'artista's Series
Sand cast glass, wood, mixed media, metal
DIM: 32"x 18"x 11"
Created at Pilchuck summer 2007